Penny Penny, whose real name is Eric Nkovani, says his motivation for running for the province’s top job is simple – he hopes to bring unity to the region that is deeply divided among tribal lines.

Speaking to TimesLive, he says if he were to be elected to the position, his first priority would be to ensure that no one language or tribal group is elevated above another.

“There are six languages in Limpopo, we need something to unite us. It can’t be that one community is represented more than others. If I’m elected, there will be no more Pedi, no more Shangaan, no more Venda, no more English, no more Afrikaans. We will all be one people,” he told the news site.

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It’s unclear exactly how this would work, but Penny Penny is adamant that something has to change… and soon.

While a date for the ANC’s next provincial conference has yet to be set, Penny Penny has already gone on the campaign trail to drum up support in his bid to unseat sitting Premier Stanley Mathabatha.

Penny Penny says he will abide with the outcome of the elections and there’s no chance of him forming a breakaway party if his bid is unsuccessful.

“I am not an opposition. I am an ANC member and will always be one,” he was quoted as saying.

“I just believe that more has to be done for the people in Limpopo. I am the perfect person because I am clean and I can bring change to Limpopo.”

Additional reporting by TimesLive